What happens if you apply too much flea control?

February 21st, 2010
Brooklyn asked:

I applied Bio Spot to both of my 5 lb Yorkies last night. My husband did not know.. he came home today, gave them a bath, and applied flea control to them again. I am very worried about the possible affects this could have on them… as they are so small. What do I do?


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6 Responses to “What happens if you apply too much flea control?”

  1. GP Feliz Año Nuevo! Says:

    call a 24/7 vet and ask

  2. PUGS, Not Drugs™ Says:

    They’ll be fine.

    You’re supposed to wait 24 hours to bathe them, and wait 24 hours after applying to bathe them anyway, or it’ll just wash off.

  3. momaofmanykids Says:

    Call a vet and find out, I have heard of dogs being poisoned doing that.

  4. walkin_thru_new_orleans Says:

    If it were a vet brand flea meds, he’d be fine. I don’t trust store bought brand flea meds and have seen them to serious injury to both my dog and other dogs. Hartz was the product that injured my pet, prior to my adopting her. I’m not familiar with the active ingredients of biospot. I recommend u feel the pinch on the wallet and buy the vet brands….much safer.

  5. Chris B Says:

    Call the Emergency Vet. Flea meds are toxic in high doses.
    Bio Spot is also well known for causing neurological issues in dogs.
    Wash off what you can immediately.

  6. ?? Nekkid Bootie ?? Says:

    you could poison your dogs.

    Biospot is known for causing serious reactions and even death..

    call a vet.

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